Hi, I'm Matthias Lamm.

UX Engineer - closing the gap between designers and developers - Prototypes, MVPs, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) - React, SASS, Rails

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What is a UX Engineer

When I was hired as a UX Designer, but spent >80% of my time working in code, I always struggled with my role definition. I like to work with design tools like Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD and think about design systems, but I also love to dig through code and polish real world products.

At some point I came across a fantastic article by @emmabostian that described my field of work pretty well and I can only recommend reading it:

“A UX Engineer (UXE) is a Front-End Engineer who sits on a cross-functional design team and helps facilitate collaboration between design and engineering.
UXEs possess the skill-set of a Front-end Engineer but with working knowledge of UX design principles. Their primary domain focuses on the design/UI component layer of an application and steers away from the middleware layer between front-end and back-end development.”

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